Leading Classification Society ClassNK has published an onboard poster for ships titled “Issues after starting to use VLSFO,” which outlines common main engine issues and recommended countermeasures when using Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) that complies with SOx regulations.

After the enforcement of regulations to limit the sulphur content in marine fuel oil to 0.50% or less in 2020, issues when using compliant fuel oil are being reported occasionally.

Examining the reported issues along with the properties of compliant fuel oils that it had previously investigated, ClassNK compiled recommended measures for early detection and prevention of issues on board. The contents have been released in a poster format so that crew members can quickly refer to it in case of any trouble.

Click here to view/download: Quick reference-Issues after starting to use of VLSFO(ClassNK)

Nguồn Marine Insight.

Dang Tuan, 10/07/2021

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